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Vacation of a Lifetime

Vacations with family are very important to me. When I was a child, we would take long road trips in the family van with our back seats folded down to create a large bed-like area complete with pillows and blankets. Gone are the seatbelt-free days, especially for children! Yes, my kids are being raised in a very different time. So different, in fact, that we’re flying south of the equator for our upcoming family vacation.

My little family of four is heading to the land of giant tortoises & iguanas, sea lions, and the place that inspired Charles Darwin. As exciting as this is, we are not going until mid-April and in kid time this may as well be an eternity. Luckily, there are many informative sites I can show them to keep their interest. And keeping their interest is crucial when using a trip like this as motivation to finish chores, eat their veggies or brush their teeth. You know, the awful stuff that mean moms make their kids do.

So when they claim to not care about going on the trip I can simply pull up a picture of a giant tortoise, recite a fun fact, or even take them on a virtual tour of the islands and bingo, they’re devouring their broccoli with gusto. Okay, maybe not that enthusiastically, but they do at least get down one or two bites more than usual.

So that is our big news of the moment. I may be more excited and impatient about this trip than the kids are! There is so much to plan for when leaving the country that it can be a bit overwhelming. Have you taken your kids out of the country before? Any tips?





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