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Energy Boost for Mom

Any parent knows that chasing after kids (let alone two busy boys) is a never ending duty. It seems the times I am most exhausted and ready to put myself in time-out are those times when I am really needed. Breaking up fights, cleaning up spills, bandaging scrapes (or bruises that don’t even need bandaging). What? Another broken light fixture just as I sit down to a cup of tea? That’s okay. I like my tea at room temperature anyway.

But I digress.

Obviously there is no stopping the tornado of energy that kids have. I think the only reason it really gets to me is that I’m jealous. Can they just share a little bit, please? Since I can’t siphon off energy from my children, I have been looking into alternate ways to boost my energy… naturally.

Simple Mom has 16 tips on her site.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Choose nutrient-dense food – Fruits and veggies are the best way to go.

  1. Increase physical activity – Hate running? Play tag, go on a walk, or dance with the kids.
  2. Oxygenate your body and mind – Sometimes all you need to do is breathe.
  3. Twist and stretch – I try and make a game out of this; Simon Says or Twister work nicely.

Try as I might, it is difficult to get all my nutrients through food. There are just some supplements that I feel are necessary to get me through everyday life. Usually vitamins D & C along with an Omega 3 do the trick for a lack of energy. I feel like I’m on a continual search for the right brands but occasionally I find a winner that is worth a repeat purchase.

I just found a great vitamin C that I think is worth sticking with. I’ve learned that most vitamin C available is water-soluble which I thought was a good thing but actually is not. Apparently when it is water-soluble, some of what you take can’t make it past the digestive juices in your stomach. This means that it can not be absorbed into your bloodstream. So, aside from throwing money down the drain, what is the point?

Through my research I came across Altrient C, a very potent form of vitamin C that is formulated in non-water-soluble liposomes that are able to pass through your intestinal wall and be absorbed into your bloodstream with very little waste.

Now, I know all supplements make promises. I know they all promise the best delivery system but after just a few days of taking Altrient C, I am really feeling a difference in my energy! It is rare that I actually notice a difference after starting a new supplement and, if I do, it seems it is very subtle and I end up thinking it is all in my head. Not this time. You know that 3 o’clock in the afternoon slump feeling (sometimes I seem to actually have it all day)? Haven’t suffered from it since I started taking my Altrient C. That boost alone is worth the purchase price.

Do you supplement your diet with vitamins? Which have you found to work best for you?


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